Spirituality For Leadership & Success (boxset of 5)


Author: Pranay
Cover: Paperback (in box)

Considered a pivotal work in Hindu literature and philosophy, and revered by people for its spiritual guidance, the Bhagavad Gita shows the best way of living a meaningful life. There is no other work of Indian spirituality that has attracted more attention than the Gita. Encompassing the words of the great avatar Krishna, delivered on the battlefield to Arjun, the Gita is not just meant for warriors. It contains secrets for excellence in all spheres of life, including leadership. The greatest leadership and success attributes such as spiritual courage, charisma, self-confidence, self-awareness, and vision, are the very bedrock of the Gita. With effectively condensed lessons, which, when inculcated, will lead to a richer life and leadership success, This book is an immensely valuable mystical guide.

Whether you are a leader, a potential leader, or a regular individual, the ultimate goal of your life is to realize your own divinity, which is, in fact, your true nature—this is what the ancient philosophy of Vedanta propagates, a philosophy that is quintessential to Eastern thought and mysticism. Such timeless and important teachings have been judiciously collected and transformed into relevant take a ways by the author in this selfhelp guide. Through the distillation of Vedic and Upanishadic knowledge, This book expounds Vedanta’s eternal principles of life and living, and offers crucial lessons for awakening your highest leadership and success potential.

Dating back thousands of years, Hinduism is one of the oldest spiritual paths, and is also the third-largest religion of the world. For millions, it is a way of life. Diverse and multi-layered, Hinduism has always been a rich source of wisdom over the ages. Drawing from this great path and its profound teachings that are especially relevant for current times, the author has presented his original insights that will help people become more effective and powerful leaders. The leadership and success lessons that the author reveals in this empowering and must-have guide are also crucial for improvement of everyday life, for inner peace and fulfilment of the individual, and for spiritual progress and happiness.

Buddha is inarguably one of the most influential figures in world history. Over 2500 years ago, this extraordinary man founded the path of Buddhism that encompasses all his valuable teachings. Today, Buddhism is practiced predominantly in East and Southeast Asia, and is growing its influence in the West and globally.  Buddha never saw himself as a leader, never aspired to be a leader, yet he continues to be a constant source of inspiration and guidance for many world leaders today. This book is filled with many profound, philosophical yet practical teachings of the Buddha, and lessons that can be learnt from them to be an effective, efficient, and excellent leader and to achieve true success in life.

A reformer and spiritual leader who was a key figure in the revival of Hinduism and in introducing it to the western world, Swami Vivekananda has been an inspiration to people globally. He stood for fearless and all-round leadership success, and his teachings and writings have had a profound impact on many prominent leaders. The pages of this book are filled with the deepest insights of this great mystic genius, and with the authors unique take on them. Imbibe the lessons delineated in this book, and you will see that everything from good leadership capabilities, limitless personal excellence, to well-being in every part of life will be yours.

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